The Dance of My Dreams

DanceSigmund Freud theorized that dreams could be broken down into two parts.  The manifest portion is what the dream seems to be saying and the latent portion is what the dream is really trying to say.  That view of dreams seems far too clinical to me.  I believe some dreams are nothing more than whimsical wishes our minds make while we’re asleep.

I had a dream like no other before it.  I dreamed that I went to a dance and met a special someone whose name never came to me while sleeping and in that imagined world.  The nameless lady I only know as my special dance partner.  We met as strangers but parted as the closest of companions and even more.

It’s as if we were at one with the music.  We seemed to anticipate every note and beat of the music.  It was as though we had written the songs ourselves.  We danced as if the moves had been carefully choreographed and we had rehearsed for years.  We didn’t talk while dancing, but knew what each other was thinking.

When not dancing we talked about our lives and our experiences.  She understood so much about me and talking to her came easily.  I confessed to her my most secret thoughts, desires and fears.  She understood and accepted my faults and soothed my conscience as though she was blessed with the power of forgiveness.  I had never felt so at ease and secure with anyone, and I know she felt the same.

There were others in the room but they were inconsequential to us.  We danced and filled the empty spaces between them, and although we were aware of them, we never acknowledged their presence.  They were merely extras on a movie set, and had no major roles to play.  My dance partner and I had the leading roles.

It was announced that the band would play the last song of the night.  I asked my dance partner to dance the last dance with me but she said she could not.  She said she had to leave the dance.  My dance partner said I would never know how much she regretted leaving the dance early.  She told me that night had been the most wonderful night of her life and she hoped it had been a special night for me as well.  Somehow, without understanding how, I knew she had to leave and I may never have a dance partner like her or a night like that ever again.

She asked that I hear her words but allow them to resonate deep within my heart.  My dance partner asked that I always remember her, the dance and the night we spent together.  She said she had a secret wish that I would someday have another dreamlike night dancing with another special dance partner.

You can ponder over Freud’s theories on the Id, the ego and the superego.  You may subscribe to his thoughts on unconscious urges and repressed egos.  I prefer to think of my dream as a slumbering journey to a world of fantasy that ended far too soon.

My dance partner’s secret wish will remain dormant deep within me until it may someday be awakened by another special dance partner.

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