The Measure of Our Lives

Sgrad2Life, in its entirety, is such a temporary event.  It is a composition of experiences and encounters.  But within those experiences and encounters lies the building blocks of who we are.  We are defined as a person by how we react to those events.  Our humanity is shaped by the lessons learned and by the memories we store.

We have the ability to influence the lives of others we interact with in those situations. Others take with them their memories of us and their impressions of our words and actions.  Sometimes those impressions are favorable and sometimes they are not.  We, as being fallible, cannot always control how we are remembered.

We find it convenient to take the easiest paths in life.  It is easier to gravitate toward what we believe to be the model for the acceptable person.  It isn’t necessarily important to believe in the words you speak, but you hope others will believe them.  It’s not important to care about the sorrow of another, It’s only important that you say you do.

Is it better to tell someone you care for them or to show someone you care for them?  Is it better to tell someone you have compassion for them or to show them compassion?  Is it better to tell someone you love them or to show someone you love them?

The hypocrisy of the so-called decent people never ceases to astonish me, and I’m not excluding myself.  If I’m going to critique the humanity of us all that includes me as well.

Our life’s dreams are so fragile.  The most seemingly insignificant event can send them spiraling in a totally new and unexpected direction.  Without warning we may be placed in situations that test our resolve and strength of character.  Circumstances may compel us to act according to the words we have for so long spoken, or reveal the person we may truly be.  Circumstances may compel us to act according to the words we have for so long spoken, or reveal the person we may truly be.

In times of need people crave the constant reassurance that you are there to offer your support.  If you cannot freely give that support there is something missing inside you.  If you can’t give of yourself to others can you expect others to truly care for you?  Can you even know what sincerity is?  It seems to me that the people who have shown the least amount of compassion throughout their lives are the ones who most often want, and even expect it.

Extending one’s hand to another is one of the most human acts we can perform.  Listening with true compassion to someone who is ill is a gesture of kindness.  A gentle and reassuring touch on the shoulder of someone in need can give such comfort.  These are the acts of people that truly care about others.

Look deep within yourself and see if the person you tell people you are is there.  Ask yourself if your actions are equal to your words.  Look into the most secret part of your heart and see if the person you should be resides there.  What an amazing world this would be if each and every one of us would let that person come out.

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One Response to The Measure of Our Lives

  1. zach says:

    I couldn’t hold back tears when I read a Robin lovers Observation. I really miss grandma and think about her all the time. I remember best how she was always so happy it seemed, always kind and warming to be around and just down right the most loving person I’ve ever known, I really mean it. Im crying again just thinking about her but its a good thing. I really like what you have done her pawpaw and I hope to read more story’s as you write them. Love you and Grandma, who will never truly be gone as long as I live, I will hold you both in my heart forever. -Zach-

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