The Time of Clouds and Rain


Soggy Crossing

There was a time in my life when it was cloudy.  The clouds were so dark and thick that not even the slightest ray of light could break through.  The air was still and an aura of despair permeated from everything around me.

It then began to rain.  The rain descended with enormous force and continued longer than ever before.  It rained far longer than forty days and forty nights, far longer than can be imagined and there was never hope that it would stop.  The rain accumulated in amounts that were unmeasurable.  Nothing could escape the width and depth of the water as it rose while the rain continued to beat down onto the rivers, lakes and oceans. My eyes could not see beyond the dark water.

The nights were as dark as the blackest cavern, and the only sound that could be heard was that of the rain crashing against the water that flooded the land.  The moon and the stars may have been hidden by the dense clouds or possibly their long lost lights may have been extinguished forever.  The dark nights were long and there was no hope that the days and nights to follow would bring relief from the deepening despondency.

The days and nights passed into weeks, and months and more.  The time without the dark clouds and torrential rains was barely a faint memory and the comprehensive images of those days and nights became increasingly difficult to recall.  I struggled to remember the warmth of the sun that brightened the days and the soft glimmering of the moon and stars that long ago gave life to the nights.

There was little or no hope remaining that the time before the dark days would ever return.  If the time of the clouds and the rain would remain forever how long could forever be, and would this be a new world that I could not welcome?  These were questions I had no answers for but I always held onto the slimmest hope the time before the rains would return.

I had never before known such a time that tested my will to endure so much.  I had no recollection of continuing darkness with no end in sight or any foreseeable hope for a brighter tomorrow.  I, without reservation, believed every day to come would be much worse that the day before.  No person can survive without some sliver of hope a better day may someday come.

One day I perceived an almost indiscernible lessening of the rainfall.  The sound of the rain drops colliding with the water covered land made a different sound.  Although the clouds were thick and choked out the sun, they seemed to be slightly less menacing.  The changes could at best be described as infinitesimal.

I need more evidence that the dark and gloomy days and endless nights are ending as I have grown so weary of that time of perpetual solitude.  I need assurance that the sun will make its long awaited homecoming.  I need to know the rain has stopped its pounding and I want to gaze with astonishment at the sight of a cloudless sky.  I want to see the light bend in the clear blue sky and fashion a rainbow of hope using all the colors of the spectrum.  I can do no more than wait for the time of clouds and rain to pass and hope against hope those days of my life will linger only as an obscure memory.

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