The Pretty Girl

MirrorEarle is on a subtle, somewhat covert, search for a person who will fill the expansive void that consumes much of what has come to be a life of sorrowful endurance. He is, if nothing more, a habitual late night dreamer and caretaker of random thoughts which float into and out of his sleepless mind. He is searching for the mate for his soul; Earle is in search of what he hopes will be his salvation. He is in search of the pretty girl.
There was, and still is, a quest for the pretty girl; that special someone who does not flaunt but rather conceals the inner beauty that is so very hard to find. Earle is searching for that simplicity and grace of being that often lies stealthily hidden beneath a bland exterior and therefore often goes unnoticed. He fervently keeps alive the hope that he will recognize the glow and splendor that dwells below the skin and bone which is merely a vessel that is home to the treasure contained within.
The late night searcher learned to be lonely, but conjures up dreams of someone who is kind and gentle and he imagines that there must somewhere be that special one who holds onto the hope that there is yet another dreamer. There has to be a visionary who gazes at the moon and stars that live in the night sky and wonders if there is another who believes that the wondrous dark expanse is merely an entranceway to all things that can be imagined.
The sheen of her lips will bring back long since lost and forgotten memories of the bloom of the roses in the garden. The blue in her eyes will reincarnate memories of the sunlit summer sky that brought the promise of warm days and clear nights. The pretty girl’s softly spoken words filled with gentle kindness will be likened to the once felt gentle breezes that carried hope with each passing movement of the air.
If her less than statuesque physique and common face would not inspire feelings of jealousy within the mind of Aphrodite, that will not be a cause for concern for the lonely one. The soft glimmering of moonlight will live in her eyes and she will teach Earle how to once more live.
The essence of the pretty girl’s inner being will be so beautiful. The marvelous person inside will ignite a light so bright that it will light up her eyes, and her smile will transform a darkened room into one that is brightly lit. The soft yet joyous tones of her voice will cause inquisitive heads to turn in her direction to discover the source of the pleasing sounds.
We’re all looking for something, that great prize at the end of the rainbow that fills us up with joy and happiness. The end of the search, at least for Earle, might be the beginning of something he never imagined that he could once again accept but now realizes that he can’t long survive without.
The insomniac dreams that he will feel something magical when the stranger first gently places her hand on his shoulder. It will certainly be a feeling he will remember and one that he has not experienced in a very long time. And from that moment on, the pretty girl will no longer be a stranger. She will be his salvation and guide him to a place of peace and happiness.
The old memories will not be forgotten, yet their sometimes coarse harshness will be softened by the touch and mere presence of the pretty girl, the girl with the inner beauty that can’t be hidden from Earle’s eyes and heart.
Searching for something elusive and with no physical presence can be so very difficult but if that search is for something that may not be recognized if found it may be, most certainly, nothing short of impossible. Finding that pure inner presence, the soul, that soul so brilliant and aglow that it shines even through the most ordinary exterior may take forever. But, forever may be an inexpensive price to pay for the reward.
Earle finds that, as he grows into the latter years of his life, his eyes see things differently. His eyes look past the outwardly ordinary appearance of what was once thought was to be so very important, and the heart searches for the goodness, loving and caring that some, but not all, possess. And it is those qualities that he finds to be so exquisitely beautiful. Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder but rather in the beholder’s mind and heart. The soft summer breeze that brushes against our faces can’t be seen, but as we feel it move past us, we know it’s there.
Earle often speaks to his friend who he often seems to meet most coincidentally. The woman is always very cordial and often asks about his life. She once called Mexico home and although she speaks English, it is apparent to Earle that words spoken in Spanish come more easily to her. This is of little concern to Earle and although he speaks very little Spanish, he appreciates her listening proficiency far more than her lack of eloquent verbalizations.
Earle recently, and once again, sat and talked with his friend. As the conversation came to an end and as Earle turned to leave his friend said “Vaya con Dios.” He replied, “Tú también, Pero dónde está mi Dios?” The quiet listener thought for a moment, then replied as she smiled, “Él está en todas partes y el te guiara a tu niña bonita.” Earle hoped with all his being that her parting words would come to pass and there will someday soon come that beautiful someone with a soft glimmering twinkle of moonlight in her eyes; that pretty girl.
When you gaze into the cold hard glass of the mirror you don’t know how beautiful you are but others do, pretty girl.

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